A healthy bowel



The range of natural dietary supplements that get your bowel back on form while respecting its delicate balance.

The Psyllogel range consists of a number of products to tackle specific problems.
If your problem is a sluggish bowel then try Psyllogel Fibra, made from pure psyllium fibre for daily use to promote more regular bowel movements. If you need something quick-acting, there is Psyllogel Fast, which combines the effect of psyllium fibre with lactitol, shown to speed up the frequency of bowel movements.

In the case of abdominal bloating, the solution is Psyllogel Gonfiore which, thanks to its composition with probiotic ferments and lemon balm, helps combat abdominal bloating, eliminate excess gas and support the body’s natural digestive function.
Finally, to restore the balance of your intestinal flora, you can try Psyllogel Megafermenti formulated with psyllium fibre and probiotics, in two versions with 6 or 24 billion milk enzymes.

**New line data, mass-forming fibre laxatives market, MAT values 04/2023 for Psyllogel Fibra
§ Psyllogel Fibra, Psyllogel Fast and Psyllogel Megafermenti are suitable for use during pregnancy




Dietary supplement containing substances of natural origin, designed to promote a balanced metabolism.

Trixy® is a dietary supplement containing substances of natural origin that work in
synergy on complementary metabolic pathways to promote the body’s wellbeing.
Berberis aristata extract, coffea arabica (green coffee) extract and elaeis guineensis (tocotrienol) extract work in synergy on complementary pathways to promote regular liver and cardiovascular function. Tocotrienols work on urinary tract function and help drain body fluids, in synergy with berberine extract, which regulates cardiovascular function and supports liver function and regular bowel transit. Green coffee also has a tonic effect and supports the metabolism.

The recommended dose is 1 Trixy tablet to be taken in the evening, after dinner.