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How should we take care of our hair? Giuliani’s answer

Hair that is strong, thick and shiny as well as being nice to look at is the first sign of general good health. For this reason, for years now, Giuliani has paid great attention to the biology of hair and the wellbeing of weakened hair, through research into and the development of targeted and clinically tested products.

Seasonal changes, stress, poor diet, smoking, drug use: there are many factors that can cause thinning and temporary hair loss. In the case of progressive, prolonged hair loss over time, however, the cause is attributable to other factors, such as hormonal changes – in women – and as a result of genetic inheritance – in men.

Giuliani’s passion for hair care science translates into the formulation of hair care products – treatments to strengthen hair that is brittle and prone to falling out – specific for different male and female needs, linked to seasonality or physiology.

Dietary supplements and topical treatments for men and women, for GIULIANI, the quest for active ingredients selected through cutting-edge technologies is the jewel in its crown. The concrete results boasted by the products in the hair loss prevention line speak for themselves.



From Giuliani Trichological Research comes Bioscalin®, a line of specific products for hair and scalp care: treatments with proven efficacy and high cosmetic quality, the result of solid expertise in health promotion.

Over 25 years



Hair brand in Italy



From Giuliani Hair Care Science, the Bioscalin® formula

Leader in the hair loss market in Italy, for over 25 years, Bioscalin® has been synonymous with quality solutions for healthy, beautiful hair. The variety of products that make up the most used and best-known hair care line in pharmacies is the result of the decades-long commitment from Giuliani Research. From the Bioscalin® Nova-Genina, Bioscalin® Energy, Bioscalin® TricoAGE 45+ and Signal Revolution hair loss lines to the hair colour line, from highly tolerable shampoos that act on the microbiota to balance the skin to hair, skin and nail supplements: all products are formulated with patented technologies and contain unique active ingredients, subjected to in vitro tests and clinical studies carried out under dermatological control.

The result? Products that are innovative, effective, reliable and safe, specifically developed to meet all requirements for male and female hair: fragility, thinning, temporary and progressive loss, but also dandruff, sensitive scalp and daily washing, colouring. Bioscalin® treatments take care of the hair in a thorough, comprehensive way.

Bioscalin®: the best of research in the trichological field, for hair health.



Giuliani’s head lice treatment line is a complete program against the annoying parasites.


Problems with head lice? Milice, Giuliani’s head lice treatment


Freeing your children and protecting your family from head lice is also a gesture of love. To make this easy, Milice offers a range of products and treatments to knock out lice and nits!

Check out all the Milice head lice treatments.

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Tricovel® by Giuliani: the best of  Trichological Research


Specialist hair care line

The result of Giuliani’s intense research in the trichological field, Tricovel® is a specialist hair care line featuring patented active ingredients and high-quality substances, useful for ensuring the correct physiology of the hair. Giuliani’s Tricovel® Line includes two dietary supplements, a shampoo, a spray lotion and two PRP Plus products, regrowth gel and bald spot gel.

The Tricovel® Dietary Supplement in prolonged-release tablet form provides the ideal physiological support in cases of increased need for nutrients. The beneficial effect exerted on the hair from within by Tricovel® tablets is due to a composition based on 3 active ingredients, the use of which has been patented by Giuliani: Spermidina, Ajuga Reptans titrated in phenylpropanoids which has an effect on the trophism of skin and skin appendages and a combination of fatty acids from the omega-6, omega-9 and Rutin series – Giuliani patent.

The formulation of the Tricovel® Biotin supplement, useful for keeping hair in good condition, is completed with copper and zinc, useful for protecting from oxidative stress, and arginine. The gradual and prolonged release technology optimises the absorption of the active ingredients.

Giuliani’s trichological line also includes the Tricovel® dietary supplement for women, specifically formulated for women’s hair health. It contains spermidine, closely related to normal follicle operation, vitamins such as biotin, folic acid and vitamin B6, minerals such as copper and zinc and bioflavonoids such as rutin and resveratrol, which help provide a predefined supply of nutrients with a physiological effect.

The line also includes a high-quality cosmetic treatment, Tricovel® spray lotion, containing methylspermidine and resveratrol, which support the functions of the hair follicle, and sandalore, an odorous molecule capable of promoting the correct production and function of keratinocytes, thus prolonging the anagen phase.

To strengthen and gently cleanse brittle hair that is prone to falling out, the specialist line includes Tricovel® PRP plus shampoo which, thanks to its formula containing a special blend of postbiotic enzymes, is able to maintain the balance of the scalp microbiome by contributing to the physiological state of health.

New to the line are the Tricovel® PRP plus topical gel, an innovative formula based on biomimetic peptides, and the Tricovel® PRP plus bald spot gel, useful for treating some forms of hair loss that affect the hair follicles on the scalp and other parts of the body. The latest arrival in the line is Tricovel® DC gel, suitable for all skin and scalp conditions characterised by a dysbiosis of the microbiome.