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Scientific Rigour for Health and Wellbeing

Code of ethics


These are the keywords of Giuliani’s Mission, the principles that inspire the pharmaceutical company’s activity on a daily basis: the health and wellbeing of consumers are the goal, scientific research is the means enabling them to be achieved.


Transversality is a necessary and essential feature of our teams, who are guided by a sense of curiosity and the need to admit influences from the outside world.


R&D and international partners as well as publications in international journals and various patented active ingredients. The Giuliani innovation department is the driving force behind the development of some of Giuliani’s brands.


While companies used to have to be flexible to stay on the market, today we would add being fast as a requirement. The interconnected world requires it, and we work to be like that.

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our vision

In order to achieve important goals, it is first necessary to set them, and the only way to do that is to be able to develop internal and external skills through international partnerships, using innovative approaches to work on areas of treatment that have not yet been explored. All this to meet patients’ needs.

We are Giuliani.