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Da più di 130 anni in farmacia per farti stare bene

Innovare per garantire salute e benessere

Dall’Antica farmacia del Lazzaretto alle nuove frontiere della farmaceutica, Giuliani è sempre orgogliosamente rimasta un’azienda 100% Made in Italy.

La storia della Società Farmaceutica Giuliani inizia a Milano nel 1889, nell’Antica Farmacia del Lazzaretto. È lì che è stata sviluppata la prima formula, quella al cuore del suo primo prodotto, l’Amaro Medicinale.

Da allora, Ricerca, Salute e Benessere sono saldamente rimasti il fulcro dell’attività di Giuliani, il nucleo attorno al quale è stata costruita l’azienda farmaceutica moderna, nata negli anni successivi sulle fondamenta di quella prima farmacia laboratorio.

Nel corso dei successivi 120 anni, anzi, l’attività di Ricerca Giuliani si è intensificata, estendendosi a territori ancora inesplorati per esercitare il suo potere di innovazione in aree corrispondenti ai nuovi bisogni delle persone.

Dall’Antica farmacia del Lazzaretto alle nuove frontiere della farmaceutica, Giuliani è sempre orgogliosamente rimasta un’azienda 100% Made in Italy.

A journey of innovation
in the health field


The debut in the Antica Farmacia

Dr Germano Giuliani, pharmacist and chemist having arrived in Milan from Arco di Trento (a town belonging to the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time), buys the Antica Farmacia del Lazzaretto, a place full of history, symbolising medicine at the service of the people. The first pharmacy in the city, it was built in 1750 in the Lazzaretto area, set up in the 15th century outside the Eastern Gate to help with the treatment of epidemics.


Amaro Medicinale: the final formula

After conducting field research that would be considered a veritable clinical trial today, Giuliani fine-tunes the final formula of his Amaro Medicinale tonic. Thanks to word of mouth and customer satisfaction, the news of the effectiveness of the preparation spreads quickly and even reaches the royal family.


The patent, the expo and the medal

Amaro Medicinale Giuliani® is patented and the King of Italy awards it a bronze medal during the Universal Exposition in Milan, during the celebrations for the successes of Italian industry and technology, and on the occasion of the inauguration of the Simplon Tunnel (at the time the longest tunnel in the world).


From pharmacy to pharmaceutical company

The old laboratory pharmacy becomes a fully-fledged pharmaceutical company, taking the name “Stabilimento Farmaceutico Chimico-biologico Dott. A&M Giuliani”. Moving from the Lazzaretto area, the first plant for the large-scale production of Amaro Medicinale opens in Via Pelagio Palagi, which is still the company’s headquarters today.


The war does not stop Giuliani

During the Second World War, due to the bombings that affected Milan, production is moved to Lora, on Lake Como. In 1947, with the reopening of the headquarters in Via Palagi, Giuliani now has two offices.


New products

Amaro Medicinale becomes an over-the-counter product and the Giuliani product line is expanded to include: Calcio Giuliani (Vitamin Tonic), Blastoidina (Tonic), Drogar (Antiulcer Medication) and Salisulf (Intestinal Anti-Inflammatory Medication).


The first advertising campaigns

With the advent of television, in the second half of the 1950s Giuliani begins to produce the first advertising campaigns: starting with the commercials on Carosello, and then, in 1960, the first advertising poster is created.


The effectiveness of the educational commercial

Giuliani’s is an innovative commercial, leaving its mark on the history of advertising: it is the first commercial that effectively combines commercial communication with a health education message.


The winning slogan

Thanks to the appealing advertising slogan “Il Digestivo che in più attiva il fegato” (“The digestion aid that gets your liver going too”), Amaro Medicinale Giuliani® becomes the best-selling product on the Italian pharmaceutical market. Soon, every Italian family will have a bottle at home.


Promotion in pharmacies

In the same years, Giuliani also reinvents the promotion of its products in pharmacies: the “Giuliani stand” is the first counter display specifically designed to showcase them to customers.



On the strength of its experience in the field of pharmaceutical research, Giuliani founds Edifarm, a publishing house for specialist magazines aimed at pharmacists, doctors and consumers.


Pharma Division

The Giuliani Pharma Division is set up, developing new specialist treatments for the gastrointestinal tract in areas of intervention that have yet to be explored: Chenossil (cholesterol gallstones), Deursil (asymptomatic gallstones and dyspepsia), Bioflorin (intestinal bacterial flora supplement).


Mesalazine in Italy

ASACOL® – Mesalazine is launched in Italy: with Mesalazine as its active ingredient, it is the first treatment for chronic intestinal inflammation.


Deursil in America

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration approves Deursil, a drug marketed in partnership with Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis) under the name of Actigall.


The creation of Bioscalin®

Bioscalin® is the first food supplement specifically formulated for the wellbeing of the hair. By fighting the damage caused by oxidative stress caused by free radicals, Bioscalin® gets hair back looking healthy and beautiful. A veritable innovation.


Bioscalin® with Biogenina®

Thanks to the relaunch with a new patented active ingredient, Biogenina®, included in the formulation, Bioscalin® triples its sales: the brand becomes the leader in the hair loss prevention market in Italy, and the best-selling dietary supplement in Europe.


Acquisition of Giusto®

Giuliani acquires the Giusto® brand, a manufacturer of foods for coeliacs, diabetics and kidney disease sufferers. The acquisition represents the perfect example of the union of two cultures: science and diet.


“100 years of future”

Amaro Medicinale Giuliani® reaches an important milestone: its patent turns 100 years old.


Acquisition of Lichtena®

Giuliani acquires Lichtena®, a leading brand in the dermocosmetic products market. Available in pharmacies, its products featuring a patented active ingredient (ARGB-11®) are formulated for treating irritant reactions typical of sensitive skin.


Acquisition of Trosyd®,

Giuliani acquires Trosyd®, a brand that produces a line of over-the-counter medication for the treatment of mycosis of the skin and nails.


Medical-scientific information division

Giuliani’s Medical-Scientific Information Division is set up through Dermatologists with the Tricovel®, Dermolichtena®, PSO2® and Kerà® product lines.


Bioscalin® is reinvented

Giuliani Dermatological Research continues: for the Bioscalin® brand, Giuliani formulates the exclusive CronoBiogenina® complex, which prolongs the life of hair, and P-FULVINE®, an innovative multi-action hair loss prevention molecule for topical use.


Mesalazine: the new drug

MESAVANCOL® – Mesalazine is launched on the Italian market, in partnership with Nycomed/Takeda. With a new delivery system, the drug represents a veritable innovation in the treatment of chronic intestinal inflammation.


Acquisition of Mika Pharma

Giuliani acquires Mika Pharma GmbH, a German company responsible for the development and patent of a new micellar technology for topical drug delivery. Through Mika products, Giuliani extends its partnerships to major pharmaceutical companies operating internationally in the Consumer Healthcare sector (Novartis, GSK, Sanofi, Astellas).


Acquisition of MonoDermà®

Giuliani acquisisce MonoDermà®, azienda che produce cosmetici in monodose a uso topico, vitamine pure per prendersi cura della salute e bellezza della pelle. La linea è rivolta a dermatologi e medici estetici, ma è presente in tutte le farmacie dotate di un reparto cosmetico di alta qualità.


Bioscalin®: ancora più attivo

Giuliani Hair Loss Prevention Research continues its commitment to making Bioscalin® more effective: the innovative SincroBiogenina® complex is developed, while the R-Plus release technology makes the new active ingredients immediately available to the body, and therefore more effective in increasing the strength of the hair.


Giusto®: bread with gluten-free wheat

An innovative product results from Giuliani Nutritional Research, representing a veritable revolution in the world of gluten-free products: Sapori Tradizionali “Bontà di Pane” is the first type of bread to be made using wheat from which the gluten has been removed.


Milice® Nidrox® and Salax® become Giuliani products

Giuliani adds Milice®, a popular, widely-used head lice treatment for topical use, Nidrox®, an antiperspirant foam, and Salax®, a cosmetic for skin imperfections, to its portfolio in its role as authorised retailer.


Olux®, Bettamousse®, Crystacide®, Suadian® e Finacapil®

A line of medication enters the division of medical scientific information in dermatology.


Bioscalin® Signal Revolution

Giuliani revolutionises hair loss treatment with a patented worldwide innovation, the S-R molecule, which stimulates the receptors of the hair follicle, conveying a signal to the hair. Bioscalin® Signal Revolution is launched.


Elisir del Benessere is launched

More than a tonic, a dietary supplement that is a veritable elixir rich in ingredients with digestive, prebiotic and antioxidant properties (cascara and pomegranate extracts), with active ingredients with a beneficial effect on the liver and intestinal flora (boldo, gentian and rhubarb extracts).