Pharmaceutical R&D

Pharmaceutical products for the wellbeing of consumers

Health and wellbeing are the goal of Giuliani’s Research & Development in the pharmaceutical field. Promoting health to contribute to an improvement in the quality of life of consumers represents the Giuliani Mission.


Innovating to ensure health and wellbeing

Consolidated chemical-pharmaceutical expertise, rooted in a long tradition of investigation and production in the sector, has always pushed Giuliani to support the culture of medication and the role of pharmacies in helping people to improve their health. Thanks to a specific background, the formulation of all Giuliani treatments – including cosmetics and supplements – follows a methodological approach typical of drug development.

This is how Giuliani’s research contributes to promoting people’s health and wellbeing thanks to a wide range of products that are innovative and effective as well as safe and reliable because they are clinically tested, available in pharmacies in lines relating to specific areas of intervention:

  • Prescription medicines in the gastroenterological area
  • Over-the-counter medicines in the dermatological area
  • Complete line of “problem solver” products for small gastrointestinal disorders that are easy to self-diagnose and cure
  • Specific products for the care and wellbeing of skin and hair
  • Products for special diets, in particular for coeliacs

Each Giuliani product line responds to a specific need relating to health and wellbeing; each product stands out thanks to the proven effectiveness of the active ingredients included in its formulation and the excellence of the technological component, which enables the active ingredients to exert their therapeutic strength on the body.

Research areas in the pharmaceutical field

Aware of the fact that investing in scientific research promotes innovation and the development of increasingly effective products, in 2010, Giuliani made an important investment for the opening of the Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory, which focuses on in vitro experimentation (cell lines, skin models, organ culture).

Innovation in science


The Human Microbiome Advanced Project is the first Italian multidisciplinary research project specialising in the study of the microbiome of the skin and scalp, and aims to identify all the connections with the state of health of the body and with the gut-brain axis.


Hair Science is the site that brings together the many research projects commissioned by Giuliani to study disorders related to the hair and scalp. Giuliani has always stood out thanks to its painstaking advanced scientific research