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Caring for the skin: Giuliani Dermatological Research

Giuliani knows how wellbeing of the skin contributes to defining the quality of our appearance, transmitting an image of ourselves full of health, serenity and charm. Skin care, therefore, is an indispensable phase of the beauty ritual we reserve for ourselves every day.



A line of products specifically formulated for face and body care and cleansing.


For 25 years, Lichtena® has been synonymous with care, protection and beauty when it comes to the irritated skin of adults and children.


The line includes products with rich, pleasant textures formulated to take care of the different needs of sensitive, reactive and intolerant skin, more easily subject to irritation and redness.

Lichtena® treatments are formulated starting from selected constituent elements and patented active ingredients, the result of painstaking research that is also concerned with testing their effectiveness: thanks to the commitment and expertise of Giuliani Dermatological Research, today, Lichtena® is the most valid ally when it comes to treating irritated skin.

In addition to the A.I. 3active cream, an innovative soothing and anti-redness treatment, the forefather of the line, the Lichtena® product range also includes a series of other products dedicated to reactive skin: Body Cleanser, with a gentle formula which, in addition to removing impurities, prepares the skin to receive subsequent treatments; Lichtena Lenixer restructuring body cream, a treatment for very dry and xerotic skin; Lichtena DermAD, a specific line of products for atopic-prone skin that includes a specific cleanser, a body cream and a face cream; Lichtena MED II, a treatment for the wellbeing of skin with dermatitis.

To find out more, visit the Lichtena® website



MonoDermà® Giuliani is a line of dermocosmetics developed by Giuliani Research according to the minimalist formula of MonoDermoDose®, innovative packaging in practical single doses for topical use, with the aim of providing the skin with all the beneficial properties of vitamins.

MonoDermà®: technological innovation for beautiful skin


Pure, stable, free-form vitamins are collected in biodegradable gelatine packs, specially designed to make only vitamins available to the skin, excluding water, preservatives, dyes and perfumes, to ensure maximum tolerability for even the most sensitive skin.

The MonoDermà® dermocosmetics line offers a complete program for beautiful skin.

MonoDermà® C10, lightening and anti-ageing, contains 10% Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid). Vitamin C, applied to the face thanks to MonoDermà® and its innovative packaging, counteracts hyperpigmentation, prevents skin ageing thanks to its antioxidant effect, combats free radicals and promotes normal collagen production.

MonoDermà® E5, soothing and moisturising, contains pure Vitamin E (Tocopherol) at 5%. By applying MonoDermà® to the skin, the Vitamin E present in it protects against free radicals and damage resulting from excessive photo-exposure for an anti-ageing effect; it protects against and soothes itching but also acts as an emollient and moisturiser on sensitive and reddened skin.

MonoDermà® A15, an anti-wrinkle exfoliant, contains 0.15% Vitamin A (pure Retinol). Thanks to Vitamin A, the minimalist formula of MonoDermà® promotes cell renewal by preventing and delaying skin ageing. Its delicate exfoliating and smoothing effect reduces discolouration and deeper wrinkles.

The Monodermà ET10 XL line is completed by the CE 0051 medical device for preventing and treating photoinduced dermatitis and radiodermatitis and ProEtas, a dietary supplement with biotin, nicotinamide, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, collagen amino acids (glycine and proline) and extracts of withania somnifera, moringa oleifera and goji.

To find out more, visit the MonoDermà® website

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