Gastrointestinal problems


Giuliani’s proposals for gastrointestinal problems


Giuliani’s many years of experience have produced a complete line of supplements and foods designed to counteract minor gastrointestinal disorders through the beneficial properties of nature: the Gastro line from Giuliani.

The Gastro Line from Giuliani aims to cure all mild and transient gastrointestinal problems.


Amaro Giuliani Elisir di Benessere

A veritable complete elixir of wellbeing, containing extracts of:

  • Cascara
  • Boldo and Gentian
  • Rhubarb
  • Pomegranate

The new Amaro Giuliani Elisir di Benessere acts on the gastrointestinal tract 2-3 and is useful for maintaining the balance of the intestinal microbiota 4, also involved in digestion processes.


Herbal Digestive Drops

Giuliani’s Herbal Digestive Drops are useful for promoting digestion in a pleasant way, thanks to the refreshing flavour and valuable natural extracts. They are available in compact boxes, ideal for keeping with you all the time, even when out and about, for use after lunches or dinners when you feel the need for help with digestion.



Eucarbon® R.I

Giuliani Gastrointestinal Research has developed Eucarbon® R.I., a dietary supplement containing plant extracts that promotes the absorption and elimination of gases, with a calming effect 3 on the abdomen and useful in cases of an irritable bowel 1.


Salva-Alito Giuliani®

Salva-Alito Giuliani® is a product containing natural ingredients that counteracts the problem of halitosis thanks to the combined action of selected anti-halitosis essences and aromas and essential oils with a refreshing effect on the mouth.


Crusca Albios Giuliani®

This is a dietary supplement recommended in cases where the intention is to increase the intake of fibre in the diet due to slow intestinal transit, and can be useful in low calorie diets, as long as they are controlled and combined with a healthy lifestyle, with a good level of physical activity.


Fibrolax Plus Giuliani®

Fibrolax Plus Giuliani® is a symbiotic (probiotic and prebiotic) gluten- and lactose-free dietary supplement with live lactic ferments, specially designed to promote the balance of bacterial flora 2 and facilitate intestinal transit 1.