Procto-gynecological problems


Giuliani’s recommendations for procto-gynaecological problems



Triple-acting vaginal cream containing hyaluronic acid and enriched with ingredients of vegetable origin.

Celegyn is a cream to repair the vulvo-vaginal area with a soothing effect.
Thanks to its specific formulation, it is triple acting:

REPAIRS. It promotes the repair processes of microlesions and wounds of the vulvo-vaginal epithelium.

MOISTURISES. It supplies the tissues with the right amount of water, helping to alleviate intimate disorders such as vaginal dryness, itching, irritation or inflammation.

PROTECTS. It improves the elasticity and tone of vaginal tissues and helps restore a moist, lubricated environment.

Celegyn is a cream formulation with moisturising and lubricating properties that respects the skin and the vaginal mucosa:

  • suitable for all women, from childbearing age to menopause
  • oestrogen-free
  • enriched with beta-glucan, sericin, glycerophosphoinositol, alpha-bisabolol, sweet
    almond oil
  • fragrance- and paraben-free
  • non-greasy
  • pH 4.5-5
  • nickel-tested (below 1 PPM)

In women, these symptoms are often associated with an atrophic condition i.e. a progressive change in the structure of the vulvo-vaginal mucosa: the surface and walls become thinner, more fragile, less lubricated and may be cracked. It is therefore important to help restore mucosal integrity, both to improve symptoms and to prevent infections, which are often recurrent in the presence of microlesions or wounds.

These kinds of intimate discomfort can be caused by a variety of things.

  • Oestrogen deficiency:
    . during the menopause;
    . after childbirth and while breastfeeding;
    . associated with stressful situations;
    . due to the absence of the menstrual cycle;
    . due to particular pharmacological treatments (birth control pills taken for long periods, cancer treatment etc.).
  • Certain medical conditions (Lichen sclerosus or diabetes).
  • Surgical treatments (physical treatments).
  • Incorrect intimate hygiene (excessive or poor).

All of these conditions can contribute to an alteration of the vaginal mucosa, which is
characterised by poor moisture levels, the presence of microlesions and inflammation.

How to use

Internal use
Application is recommended using the special cannula, preferably in the evening.
Depending on the severity of the disorder, the following is recommended:

  • intensive treatment once a day for at least 6 days;
  • cyclical treatment (preventive or maintenance) every other day or as needed.

Before application, wash the affected area thoroughly.

External use
Apply as needed. Use can be repeated and continued over time.
Before application, wash the affected area thoroughly.




Gel for proctological use with
marked soothing, moisturising, protective and lubricating properties.

CELEVIS® Plus is useful for treating symptoms, such as burning, itching and pain during
bowel movements, associated with haemorrhoids, anal fissures and irritation of the anal and perianal area, thanks to its composition of specially selected substances: hyaluronic acid, acacia honey, Centella asiatica and Hamamelis virginiana.

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid moisturises and protects tissues: it forms a protective barrier that alleviates symptoms (burning, itching) associated with haemorrhoids, anal fissures and irritation of the anal and perianal area and facilitates bowel movements in cases of pain thanks to its lubricating effect. Acacia honey contributes to the protective effect of CELEVIS® Plus thanks to its unique, predominantly sugary composition.
With their protective and moisturising properties, the Centella asiatica and Hamamelis virginiana in CELEVIS® Plus support hyaluronic acid in creating a suitable environment for restoring mucosal integrity. Moreover, thanks to ingredients with antioxidant and astringent properties, they help reduce the symptoms associated with inflammatory states (burning, itching and pain) and protect anorectal tissues from the oxidative stress associated with haemorrhoids.

There are many different conditions affecting the anal and perianal areas and they can have
a variety of causes:

  • Haemorrhoids
  • Fissures
  • Irritation caused by radiotherapy, rubbing or contact

All these problems are, however, characterised by common symptoms: ITCHING, BURNING and PAIN during bowel movements.

How to use
Use CELEVIS® Plus after each bowel movement. Use several times a day as needed or as
advised by a doctor. The duration of use depends on the evolution of the symptoms. In the
case of painful bowel movements, apply CELEVIS® Plus as a lubricant before going to the
External use (perianal and/or anal): gently massage the gel onto the affected area.
Internal use (rectal): use the special cannula included in the package and follow the
instructions in the package insert.