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Giuliani acquires Nathura

Specialising in nutraceuticals, Nathura is a leader in the laxative fibre segment under the Psyllogel brand and sleep products segment under the Armonia brand. With this transaction, the Giuliani family Group strengthens its position in pharmacies.

Mar. 2021

Milan, 30 March 2021 Giuliani SpA, a leading pharmaceutical company conducting research in the gastroenterological, trichological and dermatological areas, owned by the Giuliani family, announces, the acquisition of Nathura SpA, a company owned by a family of entrepreneurs from the Emilia-Romagna region, active for over 25 years in the nutraceutical sector and the undisputed leader in the laxative fibres segment with the Psyllogel brand.
Based in Montecchio (Reggio Emilia), the company, which has about 60 employees, a 2020 turnover of over €14 million and an EBITDA margin of more than 30%, has built its success thanks to products able to offer solutions to widespread health problems that combine the naturalness of the active ingredients with the scientific nature of the method, with the aim of respecting people’s physiology and wellbeing.

The entry of Nathura into the Group represents the last stage on a journey which has seen Giuliani involved in M&A activities for some time and which received a boost in April 2020 with the acquisition of 50% of GHS (Gemelli Health System), a spin-off of the Gemelli Hospital Foundation in Rome.

“Nathura represents a return to Giuliani’s historical roots, those of Amaro Medicinale Giuliani, the forefather when it comes to using natural active ingredients for digestive health and wellbeing – comments Gaetano Colabucci, Giuliani’s General Manager. – It is also an exceptional opportunity to strengthen the development of our gastrointestinal business, thanks to the strength of the Psyllogel brand. The transaction is part of the Company’s development strategy, which hinges on both the organic growth of our leading brands and the acquisition of strategic external assets that contribute to strengthening the presence and relevance of the Group with pharmacists and the medical profession.”

The acquisition of Nathura, in fact, enables Giuliani to achieve a significant expansion of its product portfolio in the ‘medical’ segment, with a more pronounced prescriptive vocation, which will support the dermatological business developed by the company in recent years. Nathura will also mean Giuliani will have new important skills and professionalism in
the medical-scientific area at its disposal, complementary and synergistic to those already present within the Group.

Psyllogel joins Giuliani’s other leading brands, such as Bioscalin and Trosyd, perfectly replicating all their successful features, such as the proven efficacy of the product, the position of absolute leadership in the reference market, the strong distinctive nature of the formula and its positioning and excellent structural profitability – adds Giammaria Giuliani, member of the Board of Directors of Giuliani SpA. – The Nathura brands will benefit from both the Group’s consolidated Research and Development, particularly advanced in areas such as the study of the microbiome, and access to the widespread network of pharmacies served directly by our company, with significant benefits in terms of distribution, involvement of the pharmacist and visibility in retail outlets.”

In the transaction, Giuliani SpA was supported by PwC as M&A advisor, exclusive financial and legal consultant for Due Diligence and negotiation activities; UBI Banca
contributed to the financing of the operation. Nathura was assisted by Brera Financial Advisory as M&A advisor and by Giovannelli e Associati for the legal aspects.